Friday, 30 September 2016

One thing I say I think, but really don't

There is one thing that comes to mind, without even thinking about it.

I say I don't talk to your breasts, but all too often I find myself talking to them both.
I like breasts in all shapes and sizes. Big breasts I like the most, but I do not discriminate. I look at small ones as well. Today a workmate bends over the table and present to me a clear view of her bra and the small breasts it detained. Of course they notice, that you are not looking where you should. They always do. They have a radar for it.

It's not nice to look at the breasts, really. Ah, well I'm a tit-man. What can I say?

Betty Grable (1916-1973)

Thursday, 29 September 2016

My best quality

Again a chance for false modesty...
My best quality. I think my best quality is that I look upon people as equals to me. I treat the cleaning lady at my work the same as my boss (the boss is a she by the way). People on traineeship I treat the same as people that work there for 30 years. So they are all the same to me. People are people and I don't like the ones that kick the people downwards and be nice to the boss only. I really dislike that.

At our job I greet everybody, even though it's not customary at our place. It's common decency to say hello, or good morning, or... Some people defrost after a while and start saying hallo back to me.

Some don't.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

One thing I wish I could do

Ah, dreams... I'm a dreamer. And one of my dreams is travelling the Trans Siberia Express, or to be more precise the Trans Siberian Railway. From Moscow to Vladivostok. With a length of 9,289 km (5,772 mi), it is the longest railway line in the world. You can imagine it's heaven on earth for this big train lover.

The famous history of the train, the landscape it will travel trough, the length of the trip. It's a route 66, but this time in style. By train! What better way to travel? How many famous people already made this trip? How many infamous people made this trip? How wonderful to dream about this trip in detail...

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The best restaurant in my town

My daughter and my wife are high tea experts. You become an expert at this trade by visiting lots of locations and have a high tea in the afternoon. So I wouldn't know the best restaurant in Delft, but I do know the best place to have a high tea.

De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles (Royal Delft) is founded in 1653 in Delft and still makes handpainted blue china. Delft Blue, the original Delft Blue, not the made in China stuff, is made in Royal Delft. Nowadays it's a small museum and yes in this old building they serve the best high tea in Delft. According to the experts.

Monday, 26 September 2016

What have I learned today?

I have learned today there is a limit to what you can do to help others. I am a man and if there is a problem I have several solutions for it. You try solution one, and if that fails escalate to solution two and maybe three. I think in solutions like most men.

Women are wired differently and are open to empathy and not so practical as the male  race is supposed to behave. Well today was one of these days that my solutions did not work at all. I have tried everything and in the end I just listened and that seemed enough. I bite my tongue, and keep all this sane advice inside.

I wished I could do more....

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A simple pleasure

A simple pleasure.

I will do my Mother in Law next week a simple pleasure. We take her out at about 10:30. She has time to sleep late and dress and whatever she needs to do. After that we put her in the car and drive around the Dutch countryside. We don't have a goal, except avoiding highways, and look from the car at the skies, the trees, the houses of rich people, the farmlands, long bridges over big rivers, tiny bridges over creeks.

And when it's time we will drink a cup of coffee somewhere. And then we drive slowly back. Not slowly in speed, but slowly as in not-in-a-straight-line, the shortest route.

The tradition of aimlessly driving around started when my father and mother in law took their parents out for a drive. And we are the next generation sightseeing.

It's a simple pleasure, but a huge pleasure for her.

My Car...

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The best part of a rainy day

I have already told you what I think of the advice to save for a rainy day. That doesn't mean I'm not in favour of having some savings for things that need replacement, or a car that needs to be replaced in a few years time. The rainy days I'm talking about are 15 years away from me.

Rainy days is something we have plenty of, in the Netherlands. In the literal sense of the word. I don't mind the rain so much. I guess I'm just happy to live in a country that has plenty of water. I never understood why "the blue planet" with all it's oceans cannot filter the salt out of sea water and make pipelines to deserts and dry area's. They can build thousands of kilometres of pipelines for oil, why not for water? They can make from crude oil gasoline, why cannot we filter salt water into clean sweet water? The climate would change, The crops in the field would bring life to hungry people.

Back from riding my cockhorse. What is the best part of a rainy day? The moment it stops and the air is humid and full of smells of the earth. That't it.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Three good thoughts

Three good thoughts, mmm. Not sure what "good thoughts"are. Good intentions? Motivational thoughts? Positive thoughts? Let's think about each of them. Ok, here we go:

First: Say more "NO" to people at work. It will decrease my workload, or at least my perceived workload stress. I have a job that is not taken over by other colleagues, so it kind of piles up and the worst thing to do is take it back home with you. No more after this holiday!

Second: Karma. Do good, everything comes back to you.

Third: This year is going to be wonderful (my 57th year). In my work there are new bosses with a positive attitude, in my life there are people that love me, because of, or in spite of what I am, and I am going to post in several challenges this year.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

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