Monday, 27 March 2017

How much it costs to be Batman

OK, I was the Batman when I was young. And now I am bold and middle aged and not anywhere near the caped crusader. Today I was at peace with myself after seeing this calculation what it would cost to be Batman.

Ok, I had the talent.
Ok, I had the drive.
Ok, I had the ambition.

But there is a reason why Batman is a multi-millionaire. This is just a bit over my budget.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


My friend Mona Lisa told me about the use of the word "lagom" in Sweden. It seems they use the word for everything and anything that means "not bad, not good, just right". Everything can be lagom or make you feel lagom. Even people at work understand Lagom now. And I blame the Mona Lisa for it :-)

PS: I feel very lagom at IKEA...

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Matthew Mission

A special film for Easter. A film about the mystery of music, the magic, the inspiration of musicians, about emotion, about the irrepressible enthusiasm with which Reinbert immersed himself in Bach's monumental work.

Pianist, composer, conductor Reinbert de Leeuw, 78 years old, has dedicated his life to modern classical music, from Schoenberg to Oestvolskaya. Now, arriving in the crook of his life bow, he turns around and he stretches out his arms to Johann Sebastian Bach. To the St. Matthew Passion.  

For months he studied the score, incessant, obsessive.

He has a mission, dreams of the St. Matthew. Ideally, he had his other concerts will cancel. "If I had to occupy only me the rest of my life just with the St. Matthew Passion, I would do so," he says. Filmmaker Cherry Duyns follows Reinbert from the first days rehearsal with orchestra, choir and soloists to the poignant performance in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.

This documentary is only in mainstream movie theatres at 13:30. Smile only grey hair audience I think. But I will take a day off in April to see it! The Reinbert de Leeuw version is better than Ton Koopmans version. Better than the Netherlands Bach Society (All of Bach-project).

Friday, 24 March 2017

Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities at the moment

Another inauguration speech by an American president, this time Franklin D. Roosevelt.

And this was the speech that quoted his "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". Grim days in 1933 and there was much to fear for. "Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities at the moment" he said also in his speech. And what fear does to your behaviour is Fight, Flight or Freeze.

And yes, there is a choice in Fight or Flight, but these instincts are strong and often it is imprinted in our character. So it's not easy to do something against your instincts, and it's certainly not as easy as in the blackboard above.

But after we had time to reflect on it, we should do the right thing. The right thing is not always to fight, sometimes it's just common sense to freeze or flight. But "Face everything and Rise" is good advice I try to follow. I recently had at work a situation were I had to face my fear. And this time I faced everything and rose. But doing things yesterday is no promise for doing things tomorrow.

We live in a dangerous world right now. Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities at the moment. But we should not be lead by fear. There are more people dying from the results of smoking then there are of terrorism. Don't let terror define your life. We always have that choice.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Send me an angel

I never had much interest in Angels and such, until a few friends of mine opened my eyes for them. I always thought Angels were one and the same, but this infographic (I LOVE infograhics it makes such a difference to have a visual that explains it all in one big poster) shows that there are several kinds of Angels. It's interesting, I do not claim to understand them all (or even a bit) but I am curious to learn more.

Angels are symbolically depicted with wings, but they are purely spiritual being that do not have a physical body. They can take on the appearance of man to better communicate with humans.

It's fascinating. After reading Dante even more interesting. Angels are mythical beings often depicted as messengers of God in the Hebrew Bible, Christian Bibles, and the Quran. The term "angel" has been used to describe spiritual beings found in many oral traditions. The roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out God's tasks. I just knew from religion lessons at school this picture of Gabriel appearing before Mary:Sen

But there is more than meets the eye. Literally. So I am boosting my knowledge about both angels and spirituality.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

story of o dress

"One of the four friends seized one of them as she passed, made a sign for the other to wait, and brought the girl he had stopped back toward O. He turned her around and, holding her by the waist with one hand, lifted her skirt with the other, in order to demonstrate to O, he said, the practical advantages of the costume and show how well designed it was. He added that all one needed to keep the skirts raised was a simple belt, which made everything that lay beneath readily available. In fact, they often had the girls go about in the chateau or the park either like this, or with their skirts tucked up in front, waist high. They had the young woman show O how she would have to keep her skirt: rolled up several turns (like a lock of hair rolled in a curler) and secured tightly by a belt, either directly in front, to expose the belly, or in the middle of the back, to leave the buttocks free. In either case, skirt and petticoat fell diagonally away in large, cascading folds of intermingled material. Like O, the young woman's backside bore fresh welt from the riding crop. She left the room."

Pauline Reage
Story of O

I have written many time how I was impressed by the story of O.  One of the things that have built a lasting impression was the dress as described above. And there she is in this beautiful dress that has two interesting features. One is the removable bra in this dress so her breasts are not only bare but as an ornament in the dress. And two is the clever way the skirt can be opened of course.

There is even a shop that specializes in dresses like this one: Fond Cosplay that not only makes Sissy clothes but Story of O dresses in all shapes and colours.

I came across these dresses recently and although they are not "Story of O dresses" they reminded me strongly of them. How wonderful they look!

Monday, 20 March 2017

A-Z Theme reveal

Last year I wrote about Johannes Vermeer that lived all his life in Delft. This year I will show you my Delft, not the historic Delft, but the modern day Delft, in all it's beauty and ugliness. I hope you will join me in April.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Coat of arms

As a child I always wanted a seal ring. One I could place in wax so the envelope was sealed by my shield of arms. Because my heritage is nowhere near King, Knights and all that, I would have to make up a weapon of my own. And I did for many, many, many years ago lost myself in the world of heraldy. And LOL got so lost I never found my way out.
So my ambitions to become something I was not soon vanished with each day I got older and finally more mature. Seeing this brought all my memories back. Smile. Weapons. Shields. Knights.

Shining Armour.

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